Re-Imagining our BA

After many months of meetings and consultations, a new Bachelor of Arts (BA) structure has been proposed.

We want to offer an experience that inspires students to engage critical global issues and ideas. Our BA graduates should be well-rounded, intellectually sophisticated and caring citizens.

Please share your thoughts on the proposed new BA structure.

BA Redesign Final Report 

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How We Got Here:

    • BA Review Report (2016) – An external review of the Bachelor of Arts Degree.
    • Place and Promise (2009) – UBC’s current strategic plan, which articulates UBC’s vision, values, commitments, goals and actions.
    • UBC’s Next Century – the new strategic plan for the University.
    • Aspire – This report proposes a vision for the future of UBC’s Okanagan campus that will provide direction to the Academic, Research and Campus Master Planning processes.
    • Okanagan Charter – Provides institutions with a common language, principles and framework to become a ‘health and wellbeing promoting campus’.
    • Aboriginal Engagement – In response to the expressed needs and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples, UBC engages in research and generates curricula across the University that respect, reflect, and include Aboriginal cultures, histories, and systems of knowledge.

Steering Committee

  • To develop and recommend to the Deans and Faculty Councils of FCCS and the IKBSAS, a road map for the comprehensive revision of the BA degree, that will see a revised BA degree in place for the Fall of 2019.
  • To establish committees and/or working groups that may be necessary to address various components of the external review committee’s recommendations.
  • Co-chairs: Marianne Legault (Associate Dean, FCCS) and Bernard Momer (Associate Dean, IKBSAS).
  • Members: Ilya Parkins, Paul Milton, Jan Cioe, Ramine Adl, Noriko Ozawa, Bryce Traister (to be replaced in until January 2019), Nathan Greyghost (student), Dana Penney (student).

Workgroup I: Analysis of BA Requirements Reports

  • To explore how the content of the 2012 Proposed Changes to the BA Requirements Report and the 2016 External Review of the Bachelor of Arts Degree at UBC Okanagan report can be articulated with UBC Okanagan’s Strategic Plan.
  • To work in tandem with the other working groups to make recommendations to the Steering Committee.
  • Co-chairs: Paul Milton (English), Jan Cioe (Psychology).
  • Members: Terina Mailer (Academic Advising), Trudy Kavanagh (Geography), Martin Blum (Critical Studies).

Workgroup II: BA Models

  • To identify successful BA degree models from similar institutions in North America, showing consistent student intake growth and retention in their BA degree. Successful placement of these students into the workforce should also be considered.
  • Co-chairs: Ben Nilson (History), Bryce Traister (FCCS).
  • Provost’s Office Support: Nicky Dhaliwal.

Workgroup III: Student Mobility

  • To examine existing impediments to student mobility on campus, considering the impact of a new BA degree structure on student mobility across campus and with other institutions, and considering how students can complete minors in other areas of study more easily.
  • To explore experiential learning opportunities, reviewing the 12 credits outside of faculty rule, considering the impact of the 50% rule (minimum of transferable credits counting towards a UBC Okanagan degree), and identifying any policies requiring change to improve student mobility.
  • Co-chairs: Noriko Ozawa (Economics), Ramine Adl (French).
  • Members: Ilya Parkins (Gender and Women’s Studies), Christine Squire (Academic Advising).

Steering Committee Agendas and Minutes


Process & Timelines

Dates Description Status
Early Summer – October 2017 Information gathering Completed
August – September 2017 First round of consultations with departments and programs for both faculties Completed
August – October 2017 Consultations with UBC Vancouver’s Faculty of Arts Completed
October 2017 – January 2018 Analysis of collected data Completed
November 2017 Alumni and upper level students focus groups and surveys Completed
February – April 2018 Degree Framing (determine new structure of BA, potential new courses) Completed
February – April 2018 Second round of consultations with UBC Vancouver’s Faculty of Arts Completed
September 2018 Submission of final report outlining the new degree structure Completed
October 2018 Consultations with other faculties on campus and community stakeholders Completed
Fall 2018 Approval of new BA by Faculty Councils of both faculties Upcoming
Winter 2019 Approval of new degree structure by Senate Upcoming
Winter 2019 Approve learning outcomes and remaining calendar changes Upcoming
Fall 2019 Soft launch of new degree Upcoming
Fall 2019 Curriculum updates Upcoming
Fall 2019 Implement changes to various systems Upcoming
September 2020 First student intake Upcoming